Are your probiotics right for you?

Are your probiotics right for you?

Daily Probiotics

After more than five years of extensive research and trial, Reyuvenate probiotics, an innovative 100% kosher probiotic is here. With many years of personal experience, trial, and error behind the product - since its development was spurred by the founder's search for a remedy for her own children's eczema - this probiotic includes 25 billion live probiotics per servings. This is the optimal amount a human being should take daily to clean the gut and aid with digestive and immune health, thereby aiding in the healing of eczema, diarrhea, constipation, allergies, and excessive weight gain, among similar chronic issues. Also, probiotic produces b vitamins, including the all-important b-12.

Probiotics with too many strains tend to compete against each other within the body, thus minimizing the positive effects on the person. Therefore, Reyuvenate probiotic is comprised of just two strains, which allows a person to get a larger percentage of each strain so you are able to absorb the probiotics way more. Also, since a person cannot absorb more than 20-25 billion CFUs at a time, this is the maximum amount the body can benefit from and it isn't beneficial to include more than that per serving, as we won't have the ability to feed and keep them alive.

It's powder form ensures that the probiotics are absorbed while alive and reach the intestines while fully active. Additionally, the pleasant tasting powder can be used as a salad topping or conveniently sprinkled anywhere so your family will enjoy it as part of the daily diet.

For the kosher consumer, this is a huge breakthrough, as most probiotics contain dairy and non-kosher components, although the label may legally state otherwise due to its low percentage containment. With a universally accepted hashgacha, you can now take your dose with zero concern regarding the presence of potentially worrisome ingredients.

Reyuvante's plant based, three-ingredient formula allows you to say no to added junk, no to non-kosher, no to digestive and auto-immune ailments, and start you day right by saying yes to optimal health and wellbeing.

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