How Reyuvenate came about.

I am very passionate about my work to share my healing secret with you. For most of my life, I suffered from recurring Lyme, strep and staph infections. I was prescribed endless traditional pharmaceuticals that, ultimately, did not work. As a result, I chose to return to the roots of the land and try the whole food route - and it worked!

As a team effort, my family implemented essential dietary changes, removing processed and synthetic ingredients from our lives, paving the way for healthy nutrients to heal the body. As time went on, I experienced less recurring infections and realized the true benefit of a naturally strengthened immune system. Witnessing the remarkable effects of clean eating first-hand, I vowed to spread my knowledge to the world.

My focus revolves around assisting people like me who are seeking vitality through a healthier lifestyle and mindset. With this in mind, I earned a certification in Naturopathy and Iridology, ultimately directing my energy into Reyuvenate, a whole foods supplement initiative that is the culmination of a lifelong dream.

I am a healer by nature and approach all situations with compassion and care to craft an approach that resonates nationwide. Today, my audience is you.

Gitty Lowy, N.P.