Immune Support Formula

Product: Resist

What this formula does: Builds the immune system, is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and reduces severity and duration of colds, flu and helps any infection. Multiple testimonials of healing of autoimmune conditions such as Lyme disease. Works wonders for strep and ear infection, cleanses mucus membranes. Includes chlorella which will bind to, and eliminate, heavy metal and toxins. Testimonial: “I have been suffering for many years from repeated strep. I would empty bottles of medication, that eventually lead to mono. After taking your Immune boost, my strep disappeared for good and so did the mono! My family, friends and clients take this instead of antibiotics.

Testimonial: “At a recent visit to the hospital where I was visiting, I unfortunately caught a staph infection/MRSA (on my chest). A couple days later, I started experiencing difficulty breathing and then noticed that the bump on my chest was getting bigger and bigger. The Dr. removed it by draining out, but the fluid kept coming back. I tried your Immune Support and after being on it for a week the bump disappeared and has never returned again. Thanks for the miracle sealed in the bottle.
-Chaya H.

Testimonial: “I suffered from advanced Lyme disease, I was so sick that one side of my body was paralyzed. I tried your Immune [Support] and after a few weeks all my symptoms were gone! I started walking again and I am feeling great. I went to redo my bloodwork and it came back negative - no more Lyme disease. Since then I’ve been recommending your Immune to so many Lyme cases and they all have miraculous results.
-Esty B

Digestive Bitter Formula

Product: Regulate

What this formula does: This product is amazing for the digestion - it rebuilds and cleanses the gallbladder and liver. It actually makes the gallbladder and liver produce enzymes so the body can digest better and helps eliminate the natural way. Plus, it can boost the immune system and helps the body shed excess weight.

Testimonial: “I have been suffering from constipation and abdominal discomfort for over a decade - I tried countless laxatives, however the results were not significant enough. Since I started using your digestive bitter 10-15 min before each meal, I’m completely symptom-free! I can’t thank you enough for this wonderful product. I absolutely love it!
-R.F., Brooklyn

Testimonial: “I made this product because I suffered from severe nausea, heartburn and vomiting. I suffer from HG (during pregnancy) and I can’t explain what a life-saver this digestive bitter was for me all along my pregnanc(ies). This was the only product I was taking throughout.
-Gitty Lowy NP

Testimonial: “I wasn’t able to digest meat and since I started taking your digestive bitter, I am able to eat meat without any pain and discomfort. Plus over the holidays I lost weight instead of gaining weight.”
-B .Guttmann

Respiratory Relief Formula

Product: Relieve

What this formula does: Treats winter colds, sore throat, flu, cleanses mucus membranes, builds immunity, heals sinus/respiratory conditions, relieves allergy season symptoms such as hay fever and rose fever. Support for infection and inflammation. Testimonial: “For many years I’ve suffered from chronic bronchitis and sinus infections. I started taking your sinus and respiratory vitamin and within four days my bronchitis and sinus symptoms were gone. It is now 3 month later and I am clear of bronchitis and sinus infection.”
-Chaim C.

Testimonial: “I suffered from rose fever as long as I can remember. I had difficulty breathing and I was constantly walking around with red teary eyes. My symptoms were not only when I was out of the house. I could not have cut flowers in the house or enjoy a party where fresh flowers were present. I started taking your sinus respiratory vitamin and after 2-3 days all my symptoms disappeared.”
-Jeremiah L.

“Hi I want to share with you the amazing results we had with the Sinus respiratory product from Gitty. A 14 year old boy visited the ENT because his adenoids were enlarged. The ENT recommended that he use a steroid spray to shrink his adenoids. The family did not prefer that route. He used the sinus respiratory product for 10 days and the ENT was shocked at how the adenoids completely reverted to normal! It was beautiful to experience the miracles of the body while using such a pure and potent supplement. Thank you Gitty for guiding us.”

Revitalize Your Gut


A father of 4 year old child full of Eczima called into the health food store that he needs 1 product that has a food taste that can heal his child eczima, the store suggested Reyuvenate probiotic 1/4 tsp a day and 3 month later the child was 80% cured bh.

Lately someone called us that a day he or his family doesn't take it they feel a difference, when they remember to take it their Digestion works better.

My baby was born covid time with a rash on his face and diaper area and we gave it to him for a while and his rash is gone bh.

A client that suffers from severe yeast infections claims she tried so many supplements out there this is the only product that worked and healed her yeast infection .